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HJ-triangle: 'Landjahr-Stammpersonal'
This is a very attractive - and actually extremely rarely encountered! - HJ (ie. 'Hitler- jugend') black-coloured- and/or linnen-based so-called: district-triangle (ie. 'Gebiets- dreieck') entitled: 'Landjahr', being a piece as was executed on black-coloured linnen as intended for usage by the: 'Landjahr-Stammpersonal' (or: staff), in overall nice (albeit moderately used ie. worn- and/or carefully tunic-removed-) condition. The triangle - which has IMO only minimally been used shows some normal age, wear and/or staining. The piece is void of its paper-based so-called: 'RzM'-etiket: I deem that this got lost over the years (see pictures). Of interest is, moreover, the fact that this example still retains it three (period-attached-) hooks for attaching it to a shirt or tunic (see pictures).The purpose of this 'HJ-Landjahr' movement, which was introduced in 1934, was to 'deepen the ties connecting the young people of urban areas with the land and peasentry'. This is truly one of the rarely encountered examples of the 'Gebietsdreiecken'-series and is a piece that comes hardly ever for sale. In any case, a very attractive, 'HJ' ('Hitlerjugend') district-triangle that belonged to a HJ-Staffmember (ie. 'Landjahr-Stammpersonal') that is IMO priced according to its rarity and/or desirability!