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'Dienstmarke': 'Staatliche Kriminalpolizei'
This is a truly superb - and actually very rarely encountered! - copper-based ID-disc (ie. 'Dienstmarke') entitled: 'Staatliche Kriminalpolizei' bearing the unique-, engraved serial- ie. bearers'-number: '5701', in overall very nice- (albeit clearly worn- ie. used-) condition. The piece on offer here is naturally a 100% genuine-, period item that was recently found at a private household in Germany. The disc has a very nice- and minimally tarnished age-patina: it was never cleaned nor polished and is still a tiny bit dirty ie. stained: of course does the piece retain great, pronounced detail (as can be seen on the pictures). Of additional interest is moreover the fact that the ring (with which the disc was once attached to a chain) is also present and in place (see pictures). I deem that I have priced this rare and desirable item accordingly: I have seen these original police (ie. 'Polizei') 'Dienstmarken' sell for much more than my asking-price!