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Boards: 'Generalleutnant des Heeres'
The truly attractive shoulderboards - which are constructed from the bright-red- (almost orange-) coloured, 'smooth-type' (ie. moleskin-like-) wool and having the golden-/silver toned 'Cellueon'-based upperdecks - are in an excellent condition overall and are simply impossible to be upgraded: they can easily be graded 'virtually mint-/unissued' and came as recently found. The boards are just a tiny bit 'tarnished' simply caused by decades of storage only (they might have been once tunic-attached: some minimal traces point into this direction). The shoulderboard-pair - which measures approximately 11,4 cms. in length - comes with a (matching) pair of larger-sized general-officers' pips period-attached (see pictures). The shoulderboards came without tongues: they were clearly intended to be used as a pair of the 'sew-in'-type and are as stated above in a wonderful condition overall. It should be noted that all general-officers' shoulderboard-sets can easily be graded 'very scarce'.