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'Wiederholungsspange zum EKI'
This is a truly superb example of a: 'Wiederholungs Spange EKI' (or bar to the WWI IC 1st class) as produced by the: 'B.H. Mayer' company, that comes in its (rarely encountered!) black-coloured and/or simulated leather etui as issued, in overall very nice (IMO stonemint-/ unissued!) condition. The beautiful piece still retains all of its so-called: 'high polished sides (or 'Hochpolierte Kanten') and is very detailed and/or pronounced. Naturally is the original pin/catch set-up present and/or fully functional: the piece is however not hall- or maker-marked (which is common for these by 'B.H. Mayer'-produced examples) but shows all the typical characteristics for an award by this maker. The piece was stored in its etui for decades and is as 'minty' as when it left the factory: I deem that the award was most certainly handed-out but simply never worn. The badge has of course never been cleaned nor polished and has a very nice and truly 'frosted' appearance. The simulated leather etui is in an equally great condition and retains a full (silver-coloured-) illustration of the badge on the top as to be expected. Simply one of the best such 'Wiederholungs Spange'-sets that I ever had on offer: I have priced it according to its obvious rarity and/or stunning condition!