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General officers' OS-cap-eagle & cocarde-set
This is a very attractive - and truly extremely rarely encountered! - WH (Heeres) , both insignia being of the so-called: 'M36'-pattern as executed in 'BeVo'-weave pattern, as were intended for usage on the: 'Knautschmützen' ie. 'Alter-art' visor caps, both insignia-pieces in overall very nice- (and/or partly trimmed-) condition. Both insignia-pieces are executed in golden-toned thread in the neat so-called: 'M36'-pattern-, 'BeVo'-weave 'flat-wire'-style and are both in a wonderfull condition overall. These attractive cap-eagles were intended for usage on the 'Knautschmützen' ie. 'Alter-art' visor caps and were also seen worn on 'high-quality' officers'-pattern: 'Schiffchen' (or side-caps): the cocarde was naturally only intended for usage on the visor-caps. (It should be mentioned that these rare insignia saw also usage on the 'Alter-art'-visor-caps as worn by officers who served within the naval-artillery- ie. 'Küstenartillerie'-units). Both eagle and cocarde are executed in golden-toned thread on a darker-green-coloured- (and linnen-based-) background as to be expected. The cocarde comes in a mint-/unissued condition whereas the cap-eagle comes in a trimmed-condition (it is, however, void of any damage or alike) and has been pre-cut ie. pre-folded (and is as such ready for easy re-attachment). It should be, however, noted that these complete 'general-officer'-cap sets are almost never offered for sale: this is only the second such rare and desirable insignia-set I ever had on offer!