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Pair of collar-tabs: 'Panzer-Artillerie'
The very attractive - and with certainty extremely rarely encountered! - pair is as stated fully-matching and both pieces show the brownish-yellow-coloured (and/or: 'buckram'-based-) backings and both show their aluminium-based- (ie. early-period-) skull-device, period-attached: both skulls have both their (copper-based-) prongs in place and are still firmly attached to the tabs. The pair - which has the neat (IMO early-/ie. mid-war-period-) 'silk-like'-type- and/or: bright-red (ie. 'hochroter'-) coloured piping attached - is in a moderately used and/or obviously tunic-removed condition (some stitching-holes and/or thread-remains are still visible and present - see pictures) and would as such be an excellent pair to restore any black-coloured Panzer 'wrap-around'-tunic. This very attractive and desirable set originated from a private household in Germany and was never before in collectors'-hands. Simply an original and/or fully matching early- ie. mid-war-period- 'Panzer-Artillerie'- (ie. 'schwere Panzerjäger o. Sturmartillerie'- related) set that can easily be graded 'very rare' and that is nowadays almost impossible to encounter!