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Boards: 'General der Flg.- o. Fjr.-Tpn.'
This is a truly very attractive - and or fully matching ie. rarely encountered! - pair of WH (Luftwaffe) general-officers'-type shoulderboards, as was intended for - and/or clearly worn by! - a general-officer with the rank of: 'General der Flieger- o. Fallschirmjäger-Truppen', in overall very nice (ie. moderately used and/or tunic-removed-) condition. The neat shoulderboards - which show upperdecks as executed in golden- and/or silver-coloured-, so-called: 'Cellueon'-based thread (ie. 'braid') and that measure approximately 10,2 cms. in length each - are mounted on a white-coloured- and/or truly 'smooth'-woolen-based underground as more often encountered: as stated were both boards clearly tunic-removed- and/or worn. The boards show four (large-sized- and/or silver-toned-) pips attached and were thus intended for a general-officer with the rank of: 'General der Flieger- o. Fallschirmjäger-Truppen' (so-called: 'General-Offizier mit Zusatz der Waffengattung'). The boards are a tiny bit tarnished ie. stained (simply caused by years of storage ie. moderate wear). The pieces originate from a private household in Germany and were never before in a collection: the name of the 'General der Flieger- o. Fallschirmjäger-Truppen' who wore this set will be be mentioned to the buyer. Of additional interest in naturally the fact that this pair was truly front-promoted: the general started as a: 'Generalmajor' and was later in the war promoted to a: 'General der Flieger- o. Fallschirmjäger-Truppen' (being the reason why the pair shows two slightly differently styled- and/or tarnished pips - see pictures). Simply a very attractive and/or truly detailed WH (Luftwaffe) general-officers'-type shoulderboard-pair: one of the few such rarely seen pairs I ever had on offer!