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Board: 'Oberst eines Pz-Rgts. der “GD”-Div.'
This is a truly attractive - albeit regrettably single but nevertheless rarely encountered! - 'cyphered', WH (Heeres) officers'-type shoulderboard, piped in the neat bright-pink- (ie. 'rosaroter')- coloured branchcolour, as was intended for - and or most certainly worn by! - an: 'Oberst eines Panzer-Regiments der “Grossdeutschland”-Division' (or full colonel who served within a Panzer-regiment belonging to the famous “Grossdeutschland”-division), in overall nice- (albeit clearly used- ie. worn- and/or tunic-removed-), condition. The neat - and most certainly rarely encountered! - shoulderboard is constructed from the smooth-type (ie. 'moleskin'-like), bright-pink- (ie. 'rosaroter'-) coloured wool (ie. 'Waffenfarbe') as to be expected. The board - which has a length of approximately 10 cms. - comes mounted on its original (small-sized-) tongue as found. The board has a somewhat dull-coloured-, 'greyish'- ie. 'sub-dued'-coloured 'upperdeck' and shows some truly minimal age ie. staining caused by years of storage and/or fair wear and/or usage. The board shows a neatly golden-bronze-toned so-called: 'GD'-cypher and two (equally golden-toned- and/or regular-sized-) pips attached denoting the officers'-rank of: 'Oberst' (ie. full colonel). All three devices show some regular tarnish ie. wear and are a bit dirty but have IMO never been cleaned. These boards were worn on the regular officers-tunics but could also be worn on the black-coloured- and woolen-based 'wrap-around' tunics. This particular example originated from a large cloth-/shoulderstrap-collection I recently acquired. Simply a very attractive - and with certainty very desirable! - shoulderboard that belonged to an: 'Oberst eines Panzer-Regiments der “Grossdeutschland”-Division!