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Cased 'EK 1. Klasse' by: 'Rudolf Souval'
This is an attractive - and actually not that often encountered! - example of an Iron Cross 1st class (or: 'Eisernes Kreuz 1.Klasse'), as executed in the scarcely observed, so-called: 'screw-back version', being an 'L/58'- (= 'Rudolf Souval'-) marked example, that comes stored in its specific, somewhat simplified and/or 'LDO'-marked etui, in overall very nice, albeit minimally used- and/or worn-, condition. The cross - which is a non-vaulted ie. non-converse-shaped example as to be expected - has IMO never been cleaned and retains a superb age-patina and/or great pronounced detail. This example - which is an evident specimen as produced by the: 'Rudolf Souval'-company based in the town of Vienna in Austria - comes on its original (and naturally fully functional-) 'screw-back'- ie. 'an der Schraube'- set-up). The small 'pin' (present in order to additionally and/or firmly attach the cross to a tunic) is naturally also present and in place (see pictures). This piece - which shows a 'blackened' and/or fairly 'satin-like'- ie. 'matted' inner-core that shows some moist-lines as can be seen on the pictures - has all the specific specifications of a by: 'Rudolf Souval'-produced screw-back-IC (the makers'-code 'L/58' is stamped in lower-section on the back of the screw as to be expected). The cross is just a tiny bit dirty and/or tarnished simply caused by years of storage and/or minimal wear but retains a great unmessed-with and/or uncleaned, age-patina. The cross came - as stated above - stored in its specific 'LDO'-marked etui (which is an example of the so-called: 'simplified pattern', having rounded corners and a sprayed, beige-coloured and/or velvet-like interior and that shows an LDO-marking in its lid - see pictures). Simply a truly nice - and fairly unusually encountered! - complete IC-first-class-set that was recently uncovered at a private household and that was never before in a collection: only the first such neat and/or desirable IC first-class-set by this desirable maker I ever had on offer!