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Mint-/unissued, WH-era harmonica
This is a neat and with certainty very desirable personal-equipment item: a period - and actually in this virtually mint-/unissued condition extremely rarely encountered! - WH-era, 'Hohner'-produced harmonica entitled: 'Grüss von daheim!', that comes stored in its original, carton-based box as issued, in overall very nice (ie. virtually mint-/unissued-) condition. These harmonicas were the favoured instruments for the WH front-soldiers. This example - which measures 18 x 3 x 2 cms. as more often - comes stored in its original, carton-based box ie. etui, having an illustration of a group of relaxing WH-soldiers pictured (see pictures). The colourful box comes in an equally nicely preserved (ie. equally virtually mint-/unissued-) condition. The instrument itself - which is totally undamaged and that was simply never used nor handled - bears also the engraved inscription: 'Grüss von daheim!' on its top, as is more often seen at WWII period- and by the 'Hohner'-company produced - instruments. Of interest is moreover the fact that this example came still 'packed' in its period- (and/or undamaged!) 'wrapping-paper' as produced (that provides some instructions on usage and/or cleaning): it was simply never unpacked and came as stored for decades. The instrument is of course in a fully functional condition: the chromed plates retain all their period-applied finish. Simply a stunning 'time-capsule' that simply cannot be upgraded: I deem that a second such nicely preserved example is not around and I deem that I have priced this fantastic personal-equipment item according to its obvious rarity and/or desirability!