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Stunning - and truly extremely rarely encountered!

This is a truly very atttractive example of the extremely rarely encountered HJ- (ie.'Hitlerjugend'-) related district-triangle entitled: 'NPEA Oranienstein' (or: 'National- sozialistischer Erziehungs-Anstalt Oranienstein'), that still retains the remains of its paper-based 'RzM'-etiket on its back, in overall very nice (IMO only minimally worn- ie. used-) condition. This is a 'male' specimen, indicating that it is neatly woven in yellow-coloured linnen on a black- (and/or also linnen-based-) background. As stated retains this example still the remains of its, paper-based- so-called: 'RzM-etiket' attached (see pictures). It should be noted that all 'NPEA'-HJ-triangles (being merely intended for the very limited number of students within one of theses obscure, educational training-institutes rank amongst the most difficult youth-triangles to encounter. This one - bearing the abbreviation: 'NPEA Oranienstein' - was as such intended for students that followed their studies at the specific trainings-institute: Erziehungs-Anstalt Oranienstein'. The piece is truly in a wonderful condition but shows some minimal age, wear and/or staining (see pictures): however, I deem this not that shocking. Simply a great opportunity to obtain one of these very rare district-insignia: it is only the first such rare and/or attractive piece I have ever encountered!