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'Beobachtungsuhr' made by: 'K.M. Cortébert'
This is a truly very attractive - and with certainty rarely encountered! - example of a 'standard-issued'-pattern, 'Deutsche Wehrmacht'- (ie. 'Kriegsmarine'-) related so-called: 'Beobachtungsuhr' (ie. observers-/navigation pocket-watch) of the (Swiss-based-) make: 'K.M. Cortébert', having a white-coloured dial-plate and neatly engraved (unique-) serial-number that reads: '587608', in overall very nice and naturally fully functional, condition. These (high-quality!) service-watches - having a diameter of 52 mm. and a standard- (golden-toned-) 'cal.554'-movement - were distributed at a very small scale to the various NCOs (ie. officers!) of the 'Deutsche Wehrmacht'- (ie. 'Kriegsmarine'-) and were properly entered in both 'Wehrpass' and/or 'Soldbuch'. They had to be engraved with a unique serial-number (as is this example). As stated has the piece on offer here an undamaged- and/or nicely preserved, white-coloured dial-plate having a subsidiary 'seconds'-dial at the 6 o'clock position. The piece has a nice (and/or virtually undamaged-) casing (which is executed in nickle-silver-based metal): it just shows some minimal wear and/or age (as can be seen on the pictures). As stated above is this particular piece fully functional and comes in running condition. Simply a very attractive and truly rarely encountered naval time-piece: only the second such neat 'Kriegsmarine'-related item I ever had on offer!