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Shoulderstraps 'Uffz.U-Schule Sigmaringen'
This is a truly superb - and rarely encountered and/or fully matching! - pair of WH (Heeres), 'Panzerjšger'- (ie. tank-destroyer-) related and /or neatly 'cyphered', NCO-type shoulderstraps, as piped in the neat bright-pink- (ie. 'rosaroter'-) coloured branchcolour, as were intended for - and/or worn by! - an: 'Unteroffizier und Mitglied des Unteroffiziers- schule Sigmaringen' (or junior-NCO and member who served within the specific NCO-school based in the town in Sigmaringen), in overall very nice (albeit moderately worn ie. used and/or IMO clearly tunic-removed-) condition. The boards - which are both approximately 11 cms. sized in length - have the 'standard-pattern'- and/or field-grey-coloured- and/or woolen-based 'upper-decks'. They are piped in the neat bright-pink- (ie. 'rosaroter'-) coloured and/or desirable 'silk-like'-type- piping. The straps show the neat Gothic-styled- so-called: 'US'- and/or 'S'-cyphers (which are both executed in the bright-pink- ie. 'rosaroter'- coloured branchcolour and which are executed in so-called: 'Kurbelstickerei'). The shoulderstraps - which come mounted on their functional tongues - show the ('standard-pattern'-) golden-silver-coloured NCO-braid attached (denoting that they were intended for an NCO with the rank of: 'Unteroffizier'). Both pieces show equal tarnish and/or minimal wear, staining and/or age: they are completely void of any damage and were IMO only minimally worn. This is only the second such attractive and rare pair I did ever encountered: the other such pair is firmly stored in my own collection. By all means a very rare - and/or IMO mid-war-period-, 'Heeres' NCO-type- and/or neatly 'cyphered' shoulderstrap-pair that belonged to an: 'Unteroffizier und Panzerjšger und Mitglied des Unteroffiziersschule Sigmaringen'. I deem that I have priced this superb shoulderstrap-pair according their absolute rarity and unmistaken desirability!