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Green-coloured Waffen-SS belt-buckle
This is a truly very attractive - and very desirable ie. equally rarely encountered! - example of a green-coloured- and/or steel-based enlisted-mens'-/ie. NCO-type, Waffen-SS belt-buckle, being a neatly maker- (ie. 'Rodo'-) marked: example (and as such being an example that was produced by the maker: 'Robert C. Dold'), that still retains a fair bit ie. most of its originally-applied darker-green-coloured finish and that comes mounted on its leather-based belt as found, in overall very nice (albeit moderately used- ie. worn-) condition. The buckle was IMO clearly used and/or worn but still retains a fair bit of its original, greenish-sprayed finish: some moderate evidence of having been used ie. handled of the years can be noticed (see pictures). The piece shows some minimal (rust-) staining as acquired over the years (it has IMO however not been polished nor cleaned). The buckle has a very detailed appearance and retains a very nice and truly beautifully preserved age-patina. The buckle is typical, maker marked so-called: 'Rodo'-example showing a reverse that is marked with the impressed manufacturers'-logo: 'Rodo', indicating that it was a piece as produced by the: 'Robert C. Dold'-company (see pictures). This example came mounted on its (standard-pattern-) black-coloured- and/or leather-based belt that shows an equally greenish-coloured catch (see pictures). The belt shows an impressed stamp that reads: '43 - 0/0378/0005': its also shows an length-stamp that reads: '90'. As most certainly known are these original steel-based, green-coloured SS belt-buckles by 'Rodo' very desirable but truly very hard to find something that merits IMO my asking-price. This is only the first such neat and/or complete set I ever had on offer!