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KvK 1.Kl. with ‹berkarton
The award is a superb, maker-marked and/or fairly shiny 'Buntmetall'- (ie. 'Tombak-') based specimen that was IMO never used nor worn: it came stored in its original (albeit simplified-) black-coloured etui as produced and came still 'packed' in its period- and yellowish-coloured: '‹berkarton'. The award itself has a very 'shiny' age-patina and still retains most of its polished sides (ie. 'hochpolierte Kanten'). Some minimal age- ie. brownish-coloured staining is however visible and/or present, simply caused by decades of storage only. The piece has most certainly never been cleaned nor polished and therefore are details and/or finish still very nice and/or crisp. The etui is in an equally nicely preserved condition: it is fully functional (and shows the printed and/or silver-grey coloured 'KvK'-symbol on its top). The etui has a fully preserved, black-coloured (ie. velvet-like-) interior-section (see pictures). The (rarely encountered!) period- and/or yellowish-coloured: '‹berkarton' shows the imprinted text: 'Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse mit Schwertern' on its top and is in an equally minty- (ie. fully undamaged and/or complete!) condition. Simply a great occasion to acquire a virtually 'minty' and untouched: 'Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse mit Schwerter'-set for an IMO competitive price!