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Waffen-SS collar-tab pair in BeVo-weave
The neat collar-tabs are of the 'standard-issue'-pattern that was intended for usage by the various Waffen-SS enlisted-men (and/or NCOs) throughout the war. The superb pair can easily be graded 'virtually mint-/unissued' and was never used nor tunic-attached: both tabs are just a tiny bit stained caused by decades of storage only. Both tabs show the neat, white-coloured and/or typical 'buckram-based' backings (as is more often seen on genuine, Waffen-SS collar-tabs - see pictures). This set - which is as stated fully matching - was found together as such (it was 'liberated' from the Dachau clothing depots in May 1945 and taken as a war-souvenir) and I will not separate them and will therefore only sell them as a set comprising of both pieces. The rank-tab is naturally x-times more rarely encountered than its runic-counterpart. These Waffen-SS collar-tab-pairs are very desirable but hardly ever offered for sale and can as such easily be graded 'rare'.