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Shoulderstraps: "Feldwebel der Pz-Trpn."
This is a truly very attractive - and/or fully matching! - pair of (IMO fairly early-war period ie. truly 'DAK'- or: 'Deutsches Afrika Korps'- related-) WH (Heeres) NCO-type, standard-issued 'tropical'-pattern shoulderstraps, as piped in the neat bright-pink (ie. 'rosaroter'-) coloured branchcolour, as were intended for - and most certainly worn by! - a: 'Feldwebel der Panzer-Truppen' (or sergeant who served within the Panzer-troops), in overall very nice- (albeit moderately used ie. worn-), condition. The neat shoulderstraps - which are as stated above fully matching in execution and/or style - measure approximately 11,2 cms. in length each. Both straps have the typical brownish-green- (ie. tropical-) coloured and/or linnen-based, 'upperdecks' (and greenish-/brown-coloured woolen 'backings' as to be expected) and have the neat and desirable bright-pink (ie. 'rosaroter'-) coloured and/or 'silk-like'-type piping. The set - which is truly matching but that was constructed from slightly different tropical cloth - comes mounted on its functional tongues and comes as most certainly worn and/or stored as such for decades. The pair was recently found at a private household and was never before in a collection. The neat set was always together and was most certainly worn as such. The set is just a tiny bit dirty ie. stained and shows the clear evidence of having been moderately used and/or worn (it has minimally been faded due to obvious sunlight). The straps show the golden-toned (ie. tropical-pattern!) NCO-braid and two (zinc-based-) pips attached, denoting the NCOs-rank of: 'Feldwebel'. Simply a superb - and very desirable! - fully 'text-book', tropical NCO-type shoulderstrap-pair that belonged to a: 'Feldwebel der Panzer-Truppen'. It should be noted that all (genuine!) tropical- ie. 'DAK'-related- shoulderstraps are very hard to encounter and can easily be graded 'very rare': most of the pairs offered today are regrettably copies. I am aware of the fact that they are highly priced something that is IMO according to their unmistaken rarity and/or desirability!