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Possibly unique 'A.D.A.C.'-cap-badge
This is a truly awesome - and actually never before encountered ie. possibly unique! - neatly hand-embroidered (and/or IMO officers'-type!) cap-badge, as (most likely) intended for usage by a high-ranked officer within the: 'A.D.A.C.' (or: 'Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club'), in overall very nice (ie. virtually mint-/unissued!) condition. The very attractive visor-cap- (ie. 'Schirmmützen'-) badge - which shows truly extraordinary embroidery! - was IMO never cap-attached: it is void of any stitching-holes or thread-remains. The piece is executed on a piece of black-coloured and/or smooth-woolen-based cloth and shows a neatly hand-embroidered 'A.D.A.C.'-logo ie. eagle with swastika (which is beautifully stitched in silver-toned braid ie. bullion). The piece is 'backed' with a piece of black-coloured linnen and has an approximate diameter of: 7,3 cms. The badge shows some minimal age and/or staining simply caused by having been stored as such for decades (see pictures) but is nevertheless still a very nice and most certainly very desirable example. As stated are these (high-quality!) produced Third Reich-era A.D.A.C. cap-badges not that often ie. never encountered: this is only the first such neat and attractive badge that I personally have ever seen or encountered: I deem that I have price it according to its obvious rarity!