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EM-shoulderstrap-pair 'Wachbataillon Berlin'
The very attractive - and truly rarely encountered! - WH (Heeres) 'Infanterie'-related shoulderstraps - which are clearly used ie. worn - measure approximately 12 cms. in length each and both have the darker-green-coloured and/or 'smooth'-woolen-based-, 'upperdecks' attached: they have (of course) no piping attached (as was prescribed per regulation. The pair comes mounted on its functional tongues and comes as worn and/or stored for decades: it has somewhat 'faded' over the years and shows a IMO non-disturbing moth-hole (as can be clearly seen on the pictures). The pair shows neatly machine-embroidered (and/or identical!) Gothic-styled-, so-called: 'W-cyphers (done by means of so-called 'Kurbelstickerei') clearly denoting that the soldier who wore these, served within the: 'Wachbataillon Berlin'. The pair - which is as stated fully matching and was always together and worn as such - is just a tiny bit dirty ie. stained (ie. faded from age) and shows the clear evidence of having been moderately used and/or worn. The attractive pair - which is with certainty a 'standard-issued'- pair and not a privately purchased pair - can easily be graded 'very rare'. Also this pair originated from an older shoulderstrap-collection I recently acquired and is just the second such attractive and/or 'cyphered' pair that belonged to a: 'Soldat u. Mitglied des Wachbataillons Berlin' I ever had on offer!