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Waffen-SS 'flatwire-style' side-cap-eagle
This is a truly stunning - and IMO mid-war-period! - example of an 'SS' (ie. 'Waffen-SS') so-called: 'flatwire-style' officers'-/ie. NCO-pattern side-cap- (ie. 'Schiffchen'-) eagle, in overall very nice (ie. moderately used- ie. clearly cap-removed-) condition. The neat piece was most certainly once cap-attached and was neatly pre-folded ie. period trimmed. The eagle is very nicely executed in the neat silver-coloured (BeVo-) 'flatwire-weave style' and is a true 'text-book' example of this neat weave-technique. The piece has as stated above clearly been worn and shows some minimal age ie. staining IMO caused by fair wear and/or decades of storage. Simply a very nice and naturally 100% guaranteed original 'flatwire-style' Waffen-SS side-cap- (ie. 'Schiffchen'-) eagle: only the second such neat and rare example I ever had on offer!