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WH (KM ie. 'Küstenartillerie') M43 cap
This is a very truly attractive example of a WH (KM ie. 'Küstenartillerie') 'M43'-pattern, EM/NCO-model field-cap, being a neatly maker-marked- and/or: '1943'-dated example having a both its 'BeVo'-woven cap-insignia originally attached (by means of period machine-stitching), in overall very nice (albeit issued- ie. moderately worn-) condition. The cap - which is a fair size IMO around 58/59 cms. and will as such easily fit any mannequin - is as stated in an overall nice and only moderately worn ie. used condition and is a truly 'text-book' example in all facets (all charactistics of a fine, original cap are naturally present and/or visible). As most certainly known are these popular caps regrettably copied at a large scale: this example is beyond any doubt a fine and 100% genuine orginal. The lining is of the 'text-book' greyish-coloured linnen and shows some traces of wear and age. The cap - which has two tiny golden-toned 'anchor-buttons' attached - is as stated neatly maker-marked (with a stamp that IMO reads: 'Opolko & Müller - Hamburg - 1943 - 58' - see pictures) but this stamp has been somewhat faded. The neat (enlisted-mens'-type-) 'BeVo'-woven (yellowish coloured-) eagle and/or cocarde are period attached: both insignia do not show the stitching on the inside and were thus attached BEFORE the cap was assembled. The cap shows no damage whatsoever and retains almost all its woolen 'napping': it shows however some regular age, wear and/or staining as to be expected. Simply a stunning piece of original 'Küstenartillerie'-headgear for which I (naturally) give a life-time garuantee on its originality: only the first such 'M43'-type, 'Küstenartillerie'-related field-cap I ever had on offer!