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HJ/DJ district-triangle entitled: 'Ost Pommern'
This is a truly very attractive - and truly very rarely encountered! - example of HJ/DJ ('Hitlerjugend' o. 'Deutsches Jungvolk') district-triangle entitled: 'Ost Pommern', that comes with an accompanying, period picture-postcard of a uniformed DJ-Mitglied wearing this particular piece, both pieces in an overall very nice IMO minimally used- ie. worn- and/or carefully tunic-/shirt-removed-, condition. The triangle is a 'male' specimen, indicating that it is neatly woven in golden-yellow-coloured linnen on a black- (and also linnen-based-) background. The example on offer here regrettably misses its 'RzM-etiket' but does show some minimal remains on its back (see pictures). The piece was recently uncovered at a private household and came together with a period picture-postcard (sized: 14 x 8,5 cms.) of a young DJ-Mitglied wearing this particular piece. This picture shows some (hard to decypher-) writing and was clearly once glued into an album or scrap-book (it still shows some glue- and/or carton-remains on its back - see pictures). It should be noted that the HJ/DJ ('Hitlerjugend' o. 'Deutsches Jungvolk') district-triangles entitled: 'Ost Pommern' rank amongst the most difficult youth-triangles to encounter. Simply a great opportunity to obtain one of these very rare district-insignia: it is only the first such rare and attractive piece I have ever encountered!