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N.S.D.A.P.-related arm-shield
The attractive, multi-coloured and/or shield-shaped badge (ie. arm-badge ?) - which measures approsimately 8 x 7 cms. - is nicely constructed from (regular-) linnen and was woven in the neat 'BeVo'-weave pattern and (is IMO off-factory-) mounted on a piece of black-coloured wool. It shows a golden-yellow-coloured eagle-device with below that the coat of arms of the town of München (ie. 'Hauptstadt der Bewegung') as woven on a silver-white background. The piece was IMO never used nor tunic-attached and is void of any damage nor staining (see pictures). I am convinced that this is a very scarcely encountered N.S.D.A.P.- ie. party-related item that did not saw wide-spread usage: only the first such neat multi-coloured and shield-shaped arm-badge I did ever encounter!