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Shoulderstraps: 'Soldat der GD-Div.'
This is a truly very attractive - fully matching and/or rarely encountered! - pair of WH (Heeres), IMO early-war period (ie. 'M36'-model and/or rounded-style-) enlisted-mens'-type shoulderstraps, as piped in the white- (ie. 'weisser'-) coloured branchcolour, as intended for - and most certainly worn by! - a: 'Soldat eines Infanterie-Regiments der “Grossdeutschland”-Division' (or simple infantry-soldier that served within an infantry-related unit within the famous “Grossdeutschland”-Division), in overall very nice (albeit IMO minimally used ie. worn-) condition. The neat and very desirable shoulderstraps - which have the 'standard'-pattern, darker-green-coloured and/or truly smooth-woolen-based 'upperdecks' - have the neat white- (ie. 'weisser'-) coloured- (and/or woolen-type-) piping attached (something that is more often encountered). The straps which measure approximately 11,1 cms. in length each, come mounted on their functional tongues and are as stated in a very nice, ie. fully 'text-book'-condition overall. The straps - which are entirely executed smooth-wool - are IMO clear examples of a privately-purchased pair that originated from a tailor-shop - and show the neat interwoven 'GD'-cyphers, which are executed in white-coloured, machine-embroidery (as per regulation). The straps show - as stated above - only minimally usage ie. wear (just some minimal age, dust and/or staining is visible and/or present). In any case is this a superb occasion to acquire a very attractive and desirable enlisted-mens'-type, 'Infanterie'-GD-shoulderstrap-pair: only the third such great shoulderstrap-pair that I have ever had on offer!