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BDM district-triangle: 'RFJ Stab'
This is a truly superb - and truly extremely rarely encountered! - example of a HJ/BDM (ie. 'Hitlerjugend'/'Bund Deutscher Mädel') district-triangle entitled: 'RFJ Stab' (= 'Reichsjugendführung Stab' or being intended for an staff-official who served within the HJ/BDM-leadership), in overall very nice, albeit IMO minimally used ie. possibly shirt-removed, condition. The triangle - which is of course a 'female' specimen, woven in white-coloured linnen on a black-coloured- and also linen-based- background - has regrettably lost its paper-based 'RzM'-etiket but shows some minimal remains as is more often encountered (most certainly caused by wear). The triangle shows some minimal staining simply caused by decades of storage and/or minimal wear. I deem that this is one of of the few examples that are known to exist today: something that merits my asking-price. Simply a very nice example of a truly very rarely encountered 'female' BDM-triangle: just the first - and almost certainly last! - such rare piece of youth-insignia I ever had on offer!