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Cuff-title: 'Frw. Legion Niederlande'
This is a truly superb - and actually extremely rarely encountered! - example of a Waffen-SS, 'RzM'-type, enlisted-mens'- ie. NCO-type-, cuff-title as was intended for - and that was clearly used by! - a Dutch volunteer who served within the: 'Frw. Legion Niederlande', in overall very nice albeit clearly worn- ie. tunic-removed condition. The cuff-title - which is as stated of the typical so-called: 'RzM'-woven-type as always - depicts the German text: 'Frw. Legion Niederlande' and is in a truly wonderfull condition overall: it is fully untouched and not shortened and measures (folded- ie. still stiched together-) approximately 49,5 cms. in length: both ends are neatly 'finished' and are still 'stitched-together' as worn and/or carefully arm- ie. tunic-removed: some minimal stitching-remains are still present and/or visible as is more often seen (see pictures). The piece shows some minimal age and/or staining but is in an overall very nice and/or fully untouched condition: it show no damage whatsoever. The glue-remains of the (once present-) paper-based 'RzM-etiket' are still present (see pictures). It should be noted that original examples of these extremely rarely encountered cuff-titles almost never appear on the market. Simply 100% guaranteed original 'Waffen-SS'- ie. Dutch volunteers-related cuff-title that is IMO accordingly priced: only the first such Dutch volunteer-related cuff-title I ever had on offer!