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'Verwundeten Abzeichen in Gold'
This is a truly very attractive - albeit minimally used and/or worn - example of a golden wound-badge (ie. 'Verwundeten Abzeichen in Gold'), being of the very rarely observed - ie. early-period - aka 'Spanish Civil War'- (ie. 'Legion Condor'-) version, in overall very nice, albeit IMO minimally used and/or worn-, condition. The (non-magnetic-) badge - which is an unmarked version as is more often encountered with this type of WB - shows some minimal wear ie. age and retains most its original bright-golden-toned finish (see pictures). The badge, which comes naturally mounted on its functional pin and that has an undamaged and/or functional catch, still retains extraordinary and/or pronounced detail (the swastika is very high- ie. pronounced!). I am of the opinion that the piece on offer here is a 100% genuine, period example that simply shows almost no wear: it originates from a private household in Germany. The piece was IMO never cleaned nor polished and comes as found. In any case a very nice and original specimen that is priced according to its minimally used ie. slightly worn condition!