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'Sonderabzeichen' ie. TDB
The neat piece on offer here is an attractive - and truly detailed! - example, showing a blackened- ie. silvered (and/or magnetic!) tank-badge mounted on its original piece of 'woven', silver-/black woven cloth ie. braid. The piece still retains its original (three) prongs and/or metal back-plate (hidden under a piece of blue-coloured- and/or smooth-woolen- (ie. felt-) based cloth (as more often) and was most certainly (carefully!) tunic-removed: it still shows some minimal stitching-remains of once having been tunic-attached. The blackened (ie. 'Buntmetal'-based) tank shows some minimal staining but was IMO not cleaned nor polished. The piece came from a private household in Germany and was stored as such for decades. I am of course aware of the fact that this is (probably) one of the most copied awards of the TR-period: this is naturally a 100% genuine and truly worn example for which I do give a life-time garuantee (as always). I deem that I have priced this neat award accordingly to its desirability and/or unmistaken rarity!