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WH (Heeres) cuff-title 'Kurland'
The armband on offer here is a full-length (approx. 19 ie. 21 cms. long-sized-) example which shows both (unfinished) ends 'plied backwards' in order to overcome fraying during usage and wear. The armband is in a very nice albeit moderately used condition and shows no flaws nor damage whatsoever (it shows some normal staining and wear of having been worn on a tunic once: the stitching-holes and minimal thread-remains are still visible - see pictures). The cuff-title is executed in black-coloured linnen on a bluish-/greyish-coloured (and also linnen-based) background. It should be stated that this is not a commemorative WH cuff-title (such as for example the 'Afrikakorps'-cuff-title) but an official award that needed official recognition and entry in both 'Soldbuch' and/or 'Wehrpass'. The armband was handed-out in order to commemorate the fierce battles that took place in the 'Kurland' area in late 1944/1945. Simply a very nice and original (and full-length!) example for which I naturally give a life-time garuantee on its originality. Simply a very nice piece that is IMO priced according to its rarity and/or desirability!