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Foreign volunteer arm-shield: 'Lietuva'
The armshield - which shows the Lithuanian word 'Lietuva' for Lithuania on its top - comes in a very nice albeit clearly used ie. issued condition: it does show some obvious wear, age and or minimal staining but is void of any damage or alike. The piece is a typical 'locally produced example' that is constructed from three diagonal stripes of linnen-based cloth (representing the Lithuanian flag) with above a 'semi-BeVo'-woven-type name-stripe depicting the text: 'Lietuva' as mentioned above. Moreover, is this piece nicely fortified (ie. 'backed') by a piece of brown-coloured carton as more often seen (see pictures). These - original - 'semi-official', Lithuanian-produced, arm-shields as executed in 'semi-BeVo'-woven-type (ie. originating of local production) can easily be considered 'extremely rare' (and are nowadays hardly offered for sale something that IMO merits its asking price). Simply a very attractive and very rarely encountered piece of locally-produced and with certainty worn volunteer-related arm-shield of one of the Baltic states!