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Armband: 'Germanische Jugend'
The example on offer here - which is the first example I did ever encounter! - is IMO a full-sized example that measures in total 35 cms.: it is executed in silver-white-coloured linnen on a black-coloured background and is a typical example of the so-called: 'BeVo'-weave pattern. The piece was IMO never worn nor tunic-attached and originates from a small insignia-lot that was recently encountered in the Netherlands. There is not much known about the exact purpose of this particular cuff-title: it was apparently a German institutionalised insignia-piece that was worn by the Nordic (ie. Dutch and/or Belgian-) youthfull members who served within one of the three (Dutch- ie. Belgian based-) training-institutes- ie. schools named: 'Germanische Reichsschulen'. Three such schools existed namely: 'Valkenburg', 'Heijthuijsen' (both in Holland) and/or: 'Quatrecht' (in Belgium). The piece on offer here is IMO of great rarity and might be one of the only existing examples to date. I deem that I have priced this attractive and rare example accordingly and am convinced that it will attract the specialised collector.