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WH (Heeres) general-officers'-type- cap-cocarde
These desirable cap-cocardes were specifically intended for usage on the general-officers'-type WH-'Knautschmützen' ie. 'Alter-art' visor-caps (or: 'Schirmmützen'). The cocarde on offer here is executed in bright-golden-toned- (ie. 'flatwire'-type-) thread on a darker-green-coloured (and/or linnen-based-) background and was as such IMO clearly intended to be used on a general-officers': 'Alter-art' visor-cap. The very attractive insignia-piece was never trimmed nor folded and does show some storage-age only: it can be easily graded 'mint-/unissued' and came as 'clearly cut-of the role' (see pictures). It should be noted that these very attractive 'flatwire-type'-, general-officers' cocardes are almost never offered for sale and can easily be graded 'extremely rare', something that IMO merits its (high) asking-price.