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Studio-portrait Waffen-SS NCO 'TK'
This is a truly very nice (and actually very rarely encountered!) period- and/or post-card sized, studio portrait-picture, depicting a young Waffen-SS NCO ie. 'SS-Oberscharführer' as belonging to one of the 'SS-Totenkopfstandarten', wearing the very rarely seen ie. encountered: 'double-skull' collar-tabs, in overall very nice condition. The neat portrait - sized: 14 x 9 cms. - shows various interesting details such as the (very rarely encountered!) double and/or 'horizontal'-based (and IMO hand-embroidered!) 'Totenkopf'-collar-tabs, the (almost certainly) white-piped soldiers’-type shoulderboards, the two sports-awards (ie. 'DRL'- and/or 'SA-Sportabzeichen') and of course the neat ('RzM-type'-) arm-eagle. The detail on the picture is truly extraordinary and very sharp. The back of the photo shows some pencilled text (possibly a name) that is regrettably undecypherable. I can make out Frankreich (which would indicate that the photo was taken during the war in occupied France). It should be noted that all (early!) SS ie. 'SS-Totenkopfstandarten' pictures wherein these 'double-skull' collar-tabs are worn are very desirable and can easily be considered extremely rare! This portrait originates from a private household where it was recently found. Simply a very nice and surely rarely encountered 'SS-Totenkopfstandarte'-related picture-portrait!