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SA-related 'Reichführerschule' Tyr-rune
The fairly large-sized badge (having an approximate height of 8 cms.-) is IMO clearly shirt-removed: some stitching-remains (ie. holes) are still present and or visible (see pictures). The piece - which is (IMO) hand-embroidered in white-linnen thread on a black-coloured background - shows a reddish-coloured 'outer-rim' (as was prescribed per regulation). The badge shows some minor staining and/or dirt (nothing shocking though) and comes period-mounted on a piece of fairly thick-shaped carton (which is without doubt period- attached). The patch originates from a private household in Germany where it was recently uncovered amongst many other SA- and/or N.S.D.A.P.-related items. It should be noted that these SA-related 'Reichführerschule' (ie. 'RFS') insignia where only worn (ie. disseminated) at a very limited scale and can easily be graded: 'very rare'.