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'BeVo'-type armshield: 'Freies Arabien'
This is a truly superb - and extremely rarely encountered! - example of a colourfull, 'BeVo'-type armshield entitled: 'Freies Arabien' as was intended for the volunteers within the 'Deutsche Wehrmacht' (ie. within the: 'Arabisches Legion'), in overall very nice (ie. stonemint/unissued-) condition. The shield is in an absolute mint, unissued condition and simply cannot be upgraded. These - original - 'official' German produced arm-shields executed in the 'BeVo'-type weave (ie. German manufacture by the company of 'BeVo'!) are considered extremely rare: only a handfull of these insignia are known to exist to date. The piece is void of any staining nor damage and comes as straightly cut-of the role. The piece shows the Arabian colours with above the text: 'Freies Arabien' woven in arabic script: on the bottom it shows the wording: 'Freies Arabien' in German language. These armshields rank amongst the rarest ones of of the colourfull series and are almost never offered for sale. I have seen these sell for much more than my asking-price and deem therefore that this superb example is accordingly priced: simply a great occasion to acquire one of the most rarely seen German volunteer-shields!