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Pair of WH (Luftwaffe) pilots'-flight-goggles
The neat pieces are of the pre-war- (ie. 1936-dated-) and/or larger-sized type of flight-goggles having a black-coloured-, rubber-based frame that comes mounted on its greenish-coloured, elastic band (both band and/or frame are still functional and have both maintained most of their elasticity). The goggles came packed ie. stored in their original, fairly large-sized aluminium-based container (which shows a detailed, metal-based description-label on its top as well as a contents 'overview-plate' as mounted on the inside - see pictures). The pair itself is void of any markings (as more often) and is truly void of any damage or alike: it is just moderately used. The container still retains its oval-shaped inner-section (present in order to hold the three (!) sets of spare-glasses - see pictures) but does show some obvious wear, age and/or staining (see pictures). The set came with its (spare-) greenish-coloured, elastic band and/or specific cleaning cloth. Simply a very nice example of a desirable and/or rarely seen LW 'pilots' personal-equipment item that is fully complete: IMO did I price this neat pilot-related item accordingly!