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Zinc-based 'SS-Koppelschloss für Führer'
The buckle (ie. 'SS-Koppelschloss für Führer') is IMO most certainly used but still retains most of its original silverish-sprayed finish: just some normal evidence of having being worn can be noticed (see pictures). The piece shows some minimal dirt and/or evident staining (it has however most certainly not been polished nor cleaned). The buckle has a very detailed appearance and retains a very nice and/or decent age-patina. The buckle is IMO a typical, non-maker-marked so-called: 'Overhoff & Cie'-example as is more often encountered. As certainly known are these original Waffen-SS officers'-type belt-buckles really hard to find, especially if one prefers such a neat and/or minimally used example. I deem that I have priced this attractive example accordingly!