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'U-Bootfrontspange in Bronze'
This is a truly superb, so-called: 'U-Bootfrontspange in Bronze' (or bronze class sub-marine combat-clasp), being a neatly maker-marked- and/or very converse-shaped version that is neatly marked on the back with the makers-signification: 'Entw. Peekhaus Berlin - Ausf.Schwerin Berlin S.W.', in overall very nice (and IMO only moderately used ie. worn-) condition. The neat piece - which has a very detailed and/or pronounced appearance - is as stated a neat maker-marked version bearing the makers'-signification on the back that reads: 'Entw.Peekhaus Berlin - Ausf.Schwerin Berlin S.W.'. The neat 'Spange' (or clasp) which is executed in zinc-based metal (ie. 'Feinzink') is as stated quite converse-shaped and shows a neat flute-shaped- and/or copper-toned- specific pin (aka: 'gekehlte Nadel') and or typical catch: both which are of course present and of course still functional. The clasp retains almost all of its original-, fairly dark-coloured and/or golden-bronze-toned finish and has IMO never been cleaned nor polished. Simply a superb examle of a 'U-Bootfrontspange in Bronze': it should be noted that original examples of this neat award are nowadays getting hard to get. I deem that I priced this example according to its great and/or fully untouched condition!