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'BeVo-woven' arm-badge 'Postschutz'
This is a very rare example of the 'BeVo-woven' arm-badge i.e. arm-eagle as worn by members of the 'Postschutz', in nice, mint/unissued condition. The badge - executed in light-grey linnen having an orange-coloured border - is approximately sized approximately 10 x 6 cms. and is IMO not issued: it has not been confectioned nor pre-folded and was once glued in an album or scrap-book (some glue-remains are visible but nothing shocking though). The 'Postschutz' organisation (which can literally be translated as postal security service) is one of the smaller TR organisations about which little is known to date: its 'political' i.e. police-related nature is also underlined by the left facing eagle. Simply a very rare BeVo armbadge: only the second such rare armbadge I ever had on offer!