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'Panzerkampfabzeichen in Silber'
This is a truly very nice - and IMO stonemint-/unissued! - so-called: 'Panzerkampf- abzeichen in Silber' (or silver panzer assault badge or PAB), being a neat unmarked, zinc- (ie. 'Feinzink') version as was (IMO) procuced by the: 'Wilhelm Deumer' company and that comes in its very rare LDO-pouch, in overall very nice (ie. stonemint-/unissued!) condition. The badge on offer here concerns an (IMO mid-war-period-) zinc- ie. 'Feinzink'-based specimen that retains truly all of its silver-coloured finish: the piece has a somewhat 'matted' ie. truly zinc-like appearance. The badge came still 'packed' in its rare 'Zellstoff'-based 'LDO'-pouch and was most certainly never cleaned nor polished (it was simply never issued). As stated is the piece a non-maker-marked example (as more often by this specific maker) that shows various characteristics - such as for example the typical pin and/or soldered catch-set-up - typically seen with PABs as produced by the: 'Wilhelm Deumer' company based in the town of Lüdenscheid. This particular PAB-type is uniquely referenced as a: 'solid-zinc type by an unknown maker' (as numbered with the reference-number: '1.10.1' according to the excellent reference-work entitled: 'The Panzer-Assault badge of WWII' by my Belgian friend Philippe de Bock). After having discussed this with Philippe he agreed that this type is a version that was procuced by the: 'Wilhelm Deumer' company. The badge was always stored in the neat pouch which - apart from the obvious 'LDO'-print on the front - shows a neat blue-ink stamp that reads 'L/11' (= 'Wilhelm Deumer') and shows the more often encountered text: 'Die Herstellung von Orden.. '. The superb piece - which is very pronounced and has naturally great pronounced detail - naturally shows all the details as to be expected for a badge by this particular maker. It was found as such and was never before in a collection: I found two identical examples: one of them is firmly in my own private collection. Simply a very nice and honest silver-class PAB in a superb condition: without doubt the best such example I ever had on offer!